Photo tours to South America

Plenty of wildlife photography tours lead us to South America destinations. Welcome to Pantanal - the greatest tropical wetlands of the planet and the most famous place for jaguars. There is also a big chance to spot other rare mammals as Brazilian tapir, capybara or giant river otter just to name a few. Prepare to be patient waiting for a perfect moment and exhausted by photo opportunities at the end of the day! Incredible pictures of some of the world's most colourful birds are waiting in Costa Rica. And not just the only birds! Butterflies, tropical frogs, and vibrant flowers are the heaven for macro experiments. The Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina are so spectacular that it is hard to describe and much better to see at least once. This area is also called Patagonia and the photo expeditions in here will take you to the uninhabited, one of the world's most dramatic mountain landscapes in the world. The diversity of opportunities will either require taking a full set of lenses or planning for a few trips. Or maybe, there is a big chance that you will fall in love with this land full of adventure and stay here for longer, traveling and exploring and building a portfolio of unforgettable beautiful memories printed in your pictures. Check the physical activity level of the tour before you go as some of them may require a few days hiking, but others provide a luxury level of accommodation and transportation. Photography travel workshops offer so much learning and active participation that it is difficult to compare to any other experiences. Join this unforgettable visit to the unique destinations!
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