Photo tours to Europe

Many of premier photography vacations happen in Europe. This land is so rich in history and culture, it offers endless beautiful moments to capture. Change of seasons and variety of climate zones add even more to the colorful picture. Even if you've been to Europe lots of times, travel photography tours will help to see the most famous destinations from a different perspective. You will be overwhelmed after each day of shooting during the Venice carnival. Nowhere else on the planet will you find fields of flowers like in Holland. Iceland allure landscape photography workshops are not be missed too! You will bring home so many great shots that you will be sincerely impressed. Wildlife photo shooting can be rewarding in populated European countries too. From smiling Beluga whales, polar bears and walrus colonies in Arctic Norway to brown bears, wolves, and lynxes of the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. There are also so many destinations for bird watching photography. Only Donana National Park in Spain is famous for more than 500,000 bird species visiting each year. Camargue in France is a vital place for rest for millions of migrating birds. Great knowledge of locations and moments is so important in this kind of photo holidays that it is hard to over valuate a professional photo guide's help. For those who enjoys urban holidays more, there are so many photo tours in the great capitals of Europe. Join the London photography mystery tour and discover little gems like hidden gardens, old churches. There will be something you haven't seen before around the next corner. Catch the light in the eternal city of Rome, its busy streets, narrow alleys, marks of ancient history. Photo tourism is a wonderful way to feel the moments that will stay with you forever.
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