Photo tours to Asia

Asian destinations offer perfect photo tour holidays with their stunning vibrant colors, ancient culture, jungle forests and lakes, rice terraces, high altitude mountain passes and minority tribes keeping their culture until nowadays. Wildlife photography workshops are so rich and exotic in this part of the world! If you ever dreamed about an encounter with a tiger alive in the wild nature, there is a big chance. Bird photography workshops would bring you unforgettable unique moments and plenty of photo opportunities too. Destinations in Asia are so exotic, so inspiring, that is a true fulfillment of what childhood fantasies of the way travel should be. Explore China in Autumn, start with the majestic city of Beijing, touch the Great wall. Meet the sunrise up in the sky over Cambodia. Inhale Varanasi, acclaimed to be one of the most picturesque and the oldest inhabited city in the world. Get up personal with locals in Hoi An or jump on a Vespa street food photo tour in Saigon. Walk along the Silk road, follow the tracks of Marco Polo in Uzbekistan. Join the iconic cherry blossom tour in Japan at the absolute most beautiful time to capture the landscapes and old temples. Discover Myanmar, still an untouched corner of South East Asia, from the colonial city of Yangon to hundreds of pagodas and monasteries in Sagaing, meeting one of the sunrises from an upper terrace of a temple - the experience no to be forgotten. Your photographic skills will be tested at every turn, and the rewards are pictures that will be among your favorites from all your travels.
Asia, India
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8 - 12 people
26 Feb - 12 Mar, 2018
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