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PhotoTourChoice offers a massive selection of travel and nature photography tours and workshops from different providers all around the world.
The best thing about a guided tour is that an expert will take you to the perfect location, sometimes hidden or off the beaten track in the most beautiful time, to catch that exceptional light and to take a piece of art picture. You are most likely have travelled quite a lot and had a situation when you were so much astonished by the moments or landscapes you met on your way and took some pictures that might be good. But just imagine if there is someone on your side who can help with camera settings, or give some advice, constructive criticism, show you some new post processing tricks. That would help to bring home a few masterpieces to be proud of.
If you are after wildlife or birdwatching photo adventures or maybe the most dramatic landscapes in the exotic places, you can browse and find them here. Brown bears of Alaska, Aurora Borealis and ice caves of Iceland, lavender fields of Provence, jaguars of Brazil, architecture, art, religious treasures, nice local people are all parts of the photo tour adventures offered here by the masters of photography.
The pace can be very fast during the big cities shorter workshops when you just try to absorb as much as possible of the urban culture, street faces, unique light moments. Or you can immerse into a completely different state of solitude somewhere in the wilderness taking it slow, taking your time to find your own vision. With the variety of photo workshops and tours available now, it doesn't matter what do you prefer to photograph the most - there should be a class for you somewhere.

North America

6 days, from 3065 USD
510 USD per day
30 Jan - 4 Feb, 2018

South America

Plenty of wildlife photography tours lead us to South America destinations. Welcome to Pantanal - the greatest tropical wetlands of the planet and the most famous place for jaguars. There is also a big chance to spot other rare mammals as Brazilian tapir, capybara or giant river otter just to name a few. Prepare to be patient waiting for a perfect moment and exhausted by photo opportunities at the end of the day! Incredible pictures of some of the world's most colourful birds are waiting in Costa Rica. And not just the only birds! Butterflies, tropical frogs, and vibrant flowers are the heaven for macro experiments. The Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina are so spectacular that it is hard to describe and much better to see at least once. This area is also called Patagonia and the photo expeditions in here will take you to the uninhabited, one of the world's most dramatic mountain landscapes in the world. The diversity of opportunities will either require taking a full set of lenses or planning for a few trips. Or maybe, there is a big chance that you will fall in love with this land full of adventure and stay here for longer, traveling and exploring and building a portfolio of unforgettable beautiful memories printed in your pictures. Check the physical activity level of the tour before you go as some of them may require a few days hiking, but others provide a luxury level of accommodation and transportation. Photography travel workshops offer so much learning and active participation that it is difficult to compare to any other experiences. Join this unforgettable visit to the unique destinations!
12 days, from 8550 USD
712 USD per day
8 - 19 Sep, 2017


Asian destinations offer perfect photo tour holidays with their stunning vibrant colors, ancient culture, jungle forests and lakes, rice terraces, high altitude mountain passes and minority tribes keeping their culture until nowadays. Wildlife photography workshops are so rich and exotic in this part of the world! If you ever dreamed about an encounter with a tiger alive in the wild nature, there is a big chance. Bird photography workshops would bring you unforgettable unique moments and plenty of photo opportunities too. Destinations in Asia are so exotic, so inspiring, that is a true fulfillment of what childhood fantasies of the way travel should be. Explore China in Autumn, start with the majestic city of Beijing, touch the Great wall. Meet the sunrise up in the sky over Cambodia. Inhale Varanasi, acclaimed to be one of the most picturesque and the oldest inhabited city in the world. Get up personal with locals in Hoi An or jump on a Vespa street food photo tour in Saigon. Walk along the Silk road, follow the tracks of Marco Polo in Uzbekistan. Join the iconic cherry blossom tour in Japan at the absolute most beautiful time to capture the landscapes and old temples. Discover Myanmar, still an untouched corner of South East Asia, from the colonial city of Yangon to hundreds of pagodas and monasteries in Sagaing, meeting one of the sunrises from an upper terrace of a temple - the experience no to be forgotten. Your photographic skills will be tested at every turn, and the rewards are pictures that will be among your favorites from all your travels.
11 days, from 6795 USD
617 USD per day
23 Aug - 2 Sep, 2017
12 days, from 4000 USD
333 USD per day
26 Sep - 7 Oct, 2017
11 days, from 2900 USD
263 USD per day
13 - 23 Oct, 2017
13 days, from 4100 USD
315 USD per day
24 Nov - 6 Dec, 2017
11 days, from 2900 USD
263 USD per day
11 - 21 Dec, 2017


8 days, from 1410 USD
176 USD per day
27 Sep - 4 Oct, 2017
11 days, from 5575 USD
506 USD per day
31 Oct - 10 Nov, 2017
15 days, from 11700 USD
780 USD per day
16 - 30 Nov, 2017

Eurasia & Russian Federation

11 days, from 6795 USD
617 USD per day
23 Aug - 2 Sep, 2017
16 days, from 3000 USD
187 USD per day
26 Aug - 10 Sep, 2017


Many of premier photography vacations happen in Europe. This land is so rich in history and culture, it offers endless beautiful moments to capture. Change of seasons and variety of climate zones add even more to the colorful picture. Even if you've been to Europe lots of times, travel photography tours will help to see the most famous destinations from a different perspective. You will be overwhelmed after each day of shooting during the Venice carnival. Nowhere else on the planet will you find fields of flowers like in Holland. Iceland allure landscape photography workshops are not be missed too! You will bring home so many great shots that you will be sincerely impressed. Wildlife photo shooting can be rewarding in populated European countries too. From smiling Beluga whales, polar bears and walrus colonies in Arctic Norway to brown bears, wolves, and lynxes of the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. There are also so many destinations for bird watching photography. Only Donana National Park in Spain is famous for more than 500,000 bird species visiting each year. Camargue in France is a vital place for rest for millions of migrating birds. Great knowledge of locations and moments is so important in this kind of photo holidays that it is hard to over valuate a professional photo guide's help. For those who enjoys urban holidays more, there are so many photo tours in the great capitals of Europe. Join the London photography mystery tour and discover little gems like hidden gardens, old churches. There will be something you haven't seen before around the next corner. Catch the light in the eternal city of Rome, its busy streets, narrow alleys, marks of ancient history. Photo tourism is a wonderful way to feel the moments that will stay with you forever.
11 days, from 4950 USD
450 USD per day
23 Apr - 3 May, 2018
16 days, from 5995 USD
374 USD per day
24 May - 8 Jun, 2018
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